About Marshall

From an early age, I began the path to public service. I truly believe that there is no greater calling than to serve the community and its people – ALWAYS speaking truth to power. I hope to advocate on behalf of our neighbors on issues that matter to us most.

I am a lifelong Detroiter. As a boy, I joined the Cub Scouts and learned the basics of service. Through scouting, I worked to canvass, engage, support, clean and empower my community. Eventually, I earned the honor of Eagle Scout. I have mentored and counseled young people both personally and professionally during my career in social services. For almost three decades, I have dedicated myself to social work and juvenile justice advocating for underprivileged youth in various capacities.

I am honored to have served Detroit as a key member of the Mike Duggan administration since 2014 as District Manager and in neighborhoods all across our Senate District as I represent on behalf of Mayor Duggan. I collaborate with residents and local business owners daily to organize block clubs, combat blight, and build stronger neighborhoods. I was instrumental in the creation of the blighted home board up program and I organized minority contractor fairs that gave Detroiters real opportunities to earn city contracts, resources, training, and engagement of key trade unions. While I did these things as part of my job, it reflects my passion to keep Senate District 4 vibrant, safe and friendly for families and seniors.

I am a registered member of the Michigan Democratic Party that is committed to service. As your State Senator, I will work diligently to advocate for my constituents. I will bring creative solutions and ideas that will retain families in our neighborhoods, improve our kids’ education, bring real auto insurance reform, advocate for mental health programs, and attract new residents and jobs. I will be at work every day fighting hard to unequivocally ensure that Lansing is transparent and working for you!

As I travel the district meeting with neighbors and community leaders, I hear daily about the challenges you face in dealing with government. A working government is always about the people – for the people and by the people! Please let me know how I can best hear your thoughts, your concerns, and importantly – your dreams. I dream of a 4th District like no other – neighbors and neighborhoods all empowered to speak with our collective voice. I propose we create a monthly supper club – involve all of us to break bread, share ideas and create our roadmap to the future. Sometimes, we will disagree – but a truly just and beloved community takes these disagreements as a strength and a challenge to do better. As your State Senator, all citizens and all neighborhoods have a place at my table. I’d like to know what you think…… If there is a better way for us to stay engaged together, please tell me.

I am your servant – of the people and always, FOR THE PEOPLE. I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours for a better Michigan and a future that is better than our past,



Marshall Bullock, II

Candidate for Michigan State Senate- District 4